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Unlock Your Authentic Self and Live Your Best Life!


What is it you want most, either professionally or personally? I'm here to work with you to figure out what lies ahead and the best next steps to get you there. 

With individually tailored, strengths focused programs we will work together to create change that lasts.

Challenge - Change - Become

Reaching outside your comfort zone can be a scary thing but it is the only way to grow both in the work place and at home. I'm here to challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone. Most importantly though I'm here to support and champion you as you set and achieve goals on the way to becoming a better, stronger, more productive you.

Live your best life

I truly believe everyone deserves to tell their true story and sing their own authentic song. Working with me will put you on the fast track toward living your best life and letting your true self shine.


REM Coaching

Every journey has a first step; every story a first word; every song a first note.

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